Dan McShrew is a male anthropomorphic shrew.


Dan McShrew is a greedy, conscience-deprived crook whose treachery landed him in San Quintin Penitentiary. He was freed on parole for good behavior, a parole which he violted by leaving Earth for the Moon as part of the 1964 Lunar Gold Rush. He had enlisted the help of corrupted Junior Woodchuck Mr Noble to build a rocket, only to betray Noble and leave him to die on the Moon. There, McShrew attempted to steal Scrooge McDuck's lucrative store, again leaving Scrooge and his nephews to die, but they were able to make their way back to the store and defeat McShrew. As the Lunar Gold Rush came to an end, McShrew was flown back to Earth where, Duckburg justice being what it is, he was condemned to pay a five-dollar fine.

Behind the scenes

Dan McShrew only ever appeared in the 1964 story The Loony Lunar Gold Rush.

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