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Danblane McDuck (Pap McPaper in the original Italian) was an anthropomorphic duck.


Captain Danblane McDuck, Scrooge McDuck's great-great-great-grand-uncle, became a buccaneer and left Glasgow Port in 1636. By 1666, he was famous as one of the greediest pirates of the Seven Seas, when he decided to raid Tegucigelpa, the capital city of Honduras on the 3d of May.

Danblane did not only steal gold and valuables, but also food and supplies; and in Tegucigelpa, he found tons, tons and tons of sardines, which happened to be his favorite food. He insisted to have it all brought aboard the ship and left Honduras, leaving the Tegucigelpans to starve. However, as a punishment of Fate for his evil deed, the wind suddenly died, leaving the ship stranded in the middle of the ocean. It turned out Danblane had practically no salt aboard to conserve the sardines, and they soon began to putrefy, menacing to poison the entire crew.

Danblane stubbornly refused to give up his loot, and his crew left him. The pirate captain soon realized his mistake, and also understood that his pain at losing the sardines was the same pain he'd inflicted on the Hondurian sailors; he made a vow that if he got out of this fix, he would spend the next three hundred years fishing for sardines to bring back to Tegucigelpa on every anniversary of his sin.

This he did for 291 years, but in 1957, he felt that the mystical power that had granted him the extra lifetime to fulfill his vow was beginning to wear off, and he would soon be too tried to carry on. He planned on giving Tegucigelpa a bonus that year and then retiring. Unfortunately, his overfishing caused sardines to nearly go extinct; to avoid this, Scrooge McDuck (who, through a rather wacky series of event, had come to meet his ancestor) offered Danblane to dump sardines on Tegucigelpa every 3rd of May in the next nine years for him, allowing him to finally go to rest in peace. His flying ghost ship, which had come to be known as the Flying Scot, disappeared one last time into the clouds, and that was the last anyone alive saw of Old Captain McDuck (though he probably joined the other McDuck ghosts).

Behind the scenes

Danblane McDuck first appeared in 1957 in Romano Scarpa's story The Flying Scot as "Pap McPaper", literally "Duc' McDuck". His English name "Danblane McDuck" was created in 1998 by David Gerstein.