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Danny McDuck was a member of Clan McDuck in the 2017 Continuum.


Danny was the twin sister of Murdoch McDuck, and was honored with a massive statue in her likeness in Castle McDuck. This statue concealed the Blessed Bagpipe of Clan McDuck, of which Danny was the previous owner, and was later brought to life by the bagpipe's magic. Danny's statue quickly became involved in a squabble with the statues of Murdoch and Agnes McDuck. However, the trio later put aside their feud upon discovering that their living descendants were being threatened by agents of F.O.W.L., only to be rendered inanimate once again.

Behind the scenes

Danny McDuck first appeared in the DuckTales 2017 episode The Fight for Castle McDuck, which first aired November 23, 2020. She was one of two new members of Clan McDuck-the other being Agnes-to be introduced in the 2017 Continuum in the episode, never having appeared in any previous media.