Daphne Duck is a female anthropomorphic duck.


The daughter of Grandma and Grandpa Duck, Daphne is thus the aunt of Donald Duck. Daphne is extremely lucky due to a travelling magician having painted a lucky sign on the Ducks' barn on the day she was born[1]. She married wealthy businessman Goosetave Gander and had three sons, Gladstone, Sadstone and one who remains unnamed but would become the father of Shamrock, as well as a similarly anonymous daughter[2]. Daphne was a very affectionate mother to Gladstone, and, when he was a toddler, often took him for walks through the countryside, often in the very picturesque valley of Mount Snowy, where Gladstone found his very first four-leaved clover[3]. Due to having grown up on her mother Grandma Duck's farm, she valued hard work in spite of her luck rendering it unneeded, unlike her lucky son; due to this, the luck allowing her to succeed in every endeavor she tried, she died  extremely rich, living in Portofino.[4] She and her husband died from overeating at a public picnic.


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Behind the scenesEdit

Daphne Duck first appeared in the 1950's in Carl Barks's first Duck Family Tree, although in this version, Barks had drawn him closer to the look that would eventually be attributed to Lulubelle Loon. She has made several appearances ever since.

Probably by pure coincidence, a blonde-haired female duck by the name of Daphne Duck briefly appeared in the 1980 independant comic series Dick Duck, by Jim Engel, as the titular main character's love interest.

Notes and referencesEdit

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