Darkenblot is a series of criminal / action / sci-fi stories written by Casty and drawn by Lorenzo Pastrovicchio, pitting Mickey Mouse against The Phantom Blot.

Content Edit

Darkenblot 1

Darkenblot 2.0

Darkenblot 2.1

The Return of Darkenblot 2

Darkenblot 3

(to be written)

History Edit

Although Casty is credited as the sole author of the cycle, the idea originated with Lorenzo Pastrovicchio, who had already proposed it to the editors of Topolino before Casty's arrival and re-popularizing of The Phantom Blot. Having worked on the futuristic series PKNA, he felt that Mickey could also appear in such a context against a technologically advanced Blot. At the time, nothing was made of it, and it took until 2012 when finally the first story was released. The series was planned as three long stories, plus one shorter interlude and a humorous spoof, and Casty has adamantly stated that there will be no additional sequel, i.e. the series ends with Darkenblot 3 despite the ambiguous ending of said story.

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