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Darkly Dawns The Duck is a comic story scripted and penciled by John Blair Moore, and inked by George Wildman, adapting the first quarter of the animated feature of the same name, whose script was by Tad Stones, Jan Strnad and Jymn Magon. The first chapter of Brawl in the Family, it features Darkwing Duck, Taurus Bulba, Launchpad McQuack, Hammerhead Hannigan, Hoof and Mouth, Warden Waddlesworth and Clovis.


Darkwing Duck, St. Canard's not-so-notorious masked avenger, attempts to foil crime boss Taurus Bulba's attempt to steal a superweapon from an army freight train, all from within prison. Equal parts brilliant and idiotic, Darkwing comes to rely on his fan-turned-sidekick, pilot Launchpad McQuack.


  • St. Canard is referred to as a “burgeoning” city.


  • This story adapts a first quarter of the events of the feature-length pilot of Darkwing Duck, Darkly Dawns The Duck (1991). The rest of Brawl in the Family continues to adapt the rest. The adaption is generally very faithful, with only minor variations in dialogue.

Behind the scenes

Darkly Dawns The Duck was printed in 1991 in the first issue of a Darkwing Duck limited comic series devoted solely to the publication of Brawl in the Family’s four chapters. That issue contained no other comic story, but did include an exclusive interview with voice actor Jim Cummings.

The story was later reprinted in the U.S. Disney's Colossal Comics Collection #4 and in Darkwing Duck Classics #1.