The Darkness is a mysterious, shadowy being from the 2017 Continuum.


The Darkness is a swirling mass of black shadows, seemingly a gestalt mind of many malevolent spirits. In 2018, while trying to use his Identification Wand, Dewey Duck accidentally summoned the Darkness, which formed into a scary corridor that Dewey raced down, relishing in the thrill of the adventure. Finally figuring out the trick to using his Wand, Dewey then managed to attract all the Darkness into the Wand to reshape it into the Disney Channel logo.

Behind the scenes

The Darkness appears in the Dewey segment of the Wand IDs (from 2018).

Though inspired by it, the Darkness appears to be distinct from Magica De Spell's Shadow Army as seen in The Shadow War, as it lacks the red eyes characteristic of all of Magica's bewitched shadow puppets.

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