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Darkwing Duck, real name Drake Mallard, is an anthropomorphic duck and costumed crime fighter.


Originally a solo hero living on his own, Darkwing was as concerned with his reputation as he was with stopping crime, if not more so. However, during his first tangle with the crime boss Taurus Bulba, he met Gosalyn Waddlemeier, a young orphan to whom he became greatly attached. He also met Launchpad McQuack, his biggest fan, who built and piloted the Thunderquack plane for Darkwing's use. Following Bulba's defeat, Darkwing settled into a double life, continuing to act as defender of the city of St. Canard while also becoming Gosalyn's adopted father.

Though dedicated to fighting crime, Darkwing suffers from an overblown ego, seeking to defeat villains while also accruing personal glory. As a result of this, he is usually loath to accept help from anyone other than Launchpad, Gosalyn, or Gosalyn's friend Honker Muddlefoot. Indeed, in his Drake Mallard persona he harbors a deep dislike of Honker's family, only gradually warming up to Honker due to his friendship with Gosalyn. As Darkwing, his pride sets him at particular odds with Gizmoduck as well as the other Justice Ducks, a group of fellow heroes. Fortunately, Darkwing is usually able to overcome his reluctance to work with others.

Darkwing's daughter Gosalyn is both his most cherished relationship and his most frustrating, as her spirited nature both impresses and aggravates him at times. So deep is his love for Gosalyn that, in a possible future where he lost her, he became an iron-fisted despot known as Darkwarrior Duck. He also harbors a mutual attraction to Morgana Macawber, a witch who turned from her criminal ways after meeting Darkwing. Unfortunately, their relationship is also tempestuous at times, with the two often setting off each other's tempers.

Behind the scenes

Darkwing Duck first appeared in Darkly Dawns The Duck, the first episode of the Darkwing Duck series, of which Darkwing was, of course, the main character. Darkwing later appeared in several other forms of media.