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Darkwing Rabbit is a Toon resembling an anthropomorphic duck/rabbit hybrid and an unknown universe's counterpart to both Darkwing Duck and Roger Rabbit.


Wielding a Toon sword, Darkwing Rabbit is a costumed crimefighter hailing from an unknown alternate universe.

In 2010, he was kidnapped by the dimension-traveling duo of Negaduck and Magica De Spell, who hypnotized him and forced him to cause chaos in the Prime Universe's version of St. Canard as part of a plot to discredit that universe's Darkwing Duck which involved setting loose hypnotized versions of Darkwing from across the Multiverse. Darkwing Rabbit took part in the mass chaos caused by the Darkwings of the Multiverse, before he (and the other Darkwings) were released from the hypnosis spell by Quiverwing Duck. Darkwing Rabbit then took part in the battle against Paddywhack, who had recently possessed Negaduck and was rampaging through the city.

After Paddywhack was defeated, Darkwing Rabbit, like the rest of the Darkwings, was sent back to his home universe, where he presumably continued with his normal life.

The specifics of the universe which Darkwing Rabbit originates from are unknown. He is, of course, a cross between Darkwing Duck and Roger Rabbit, but whether everyone in his universe is a hybrid with Roger Rabbit, or a hybrid with another Toon, or if the only difference in his universe is the fact that Roger and Darkwing are the same person, or something else entirely, is entirely unknown.

Behind the scenes

Darkwing Rabbit first appeared in Crisis on Infinite Darkwings in 2011, and later made cameo appearances in other stories, mostly in flashbacks to the aforementioned story.