Darth Vader is a humanoid cyborg.


Darth Vader is a villainous galactic dictator and ‘Sith Lord’, never seen out of his scary black armor, and usually flanked by his white-armored Stormtroopers. Though he is feared throughout the universe, he is not without a sense of fun and was once seen enjoying himself like a kid when visiting Earth's Disneyland.

Interestingly, Vader is known on Earth as a movie character, as a cinematic version of him is the main antagonist of the Star Wars film series. This makes him a famed villain even on Earth, such that when boasting of his own evil, the Phantom Blot once claimed that he "made Darth Vader look about as scary as a Christmas tree ornament". He also once fought Buck Skyrunner and Countess Leïla, which (since Buck and Leïla's adventures were relayed on Earth as a series of best-selling books) led to action figures bearing Vader's likenesses becoming commonplace in Mouseton.

Behind the scenesEdit

A version of Star Wars’s Darth Vader (a universe whose relationship to Disney Comics canon remains unclear), the Disney version of Darth Vader was first mentioned in the DuckTales episode All Ducks On Deck. An action figure depicting him is seen in Daughter of the Phantom Blot, and he also stars in the webcast Darth Vader Goes to Disneyland. Owing to his appearance in the Disneyland Paris ride Star Tours - The Adventure Continues, Vader also has a choice cameo in the 2020 webcast Where Magic Gets Real.

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