Darth Vader Goes to Disneyland is a live-action webcast featuring Darth Vader, the Singing Busts, a Pop-Up Ghost, pictures of Mickey Mouse, Pluto and Dumbo, and two women dressed as Cinderella and Belle. King Arthur is also mentioned.


Come to Disneyland to visit an attraction about himself, Star Tours, galactic oppressor Darth Vader finds it not open yet and decides to enjoy himself like a regular guest instead.

Behind the scenesEdit

This short was released on YouTube in June of 2011 on the official Disney Park YouTube channel. Teasing the opening of the new Star Tours ride in Disneyland, it was the first Star Wars-related film production by Disney, before they fully bought out Lucasfilms the next year (though, of course, it features a parody Disney version of Darth Vader, and is not canonical to Star Wars in any way).

Erin Glover wrote a fictional article to tie in with the webcast's release.

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