David Duck is or was a hybrid of anthropomorphic duck and anthropomorphic coot.


David Duck was the son of a a daughter of Cornelius Coot and a certain Mr Duck, making him a first cousin of Grandma Duck. Though red-haired and preferring a thin green top hat to Cornelius's more conventional pilgrim hat, David bore a startling resemblance to his notorious grandfather. Little is known about David's life, including whether or not he is still alive in the present day.

Behind the scenesEdit

This David Duck only ever appeared on Johannes A. Grote's Duck Family Tree from 1999.

Like Erasmus Coot, he is a result of a translation inconsistency: in the original German version of Carl Barks's The Day Duckburg Got Dyed, Cornelius Coot's name was translated as "David Duck" rather than his usual German name "Emil Erpel". This forced Grote, working off these translations, to come to the conclusion that David was a close relative of Cornelius's; in this case, his grandson. As such, the image of David employed in the tree was a recolored, subtly altered version of Barks's depiction of Cornelius Coot in The Day Duckburg Got Dyed.

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