Dazzledent Automatic Toothbrushes are a type of mechanical toothbrushes created by McDuck Enterprises.


The Dazzledent Automatic Toothbrush was an avant-garde mechanical toothbrush invented and marketed by McDuck Enterprises in 1963. Witch Hazel unfortunately highjacked the live premiere of the commercial launching the product in July of that year. This was a setback from which the Toothbrush seems never to have recovered, though Scrooge, in a fit of petty revenge, later tricked Hazel into signing a contract forcing her to sell two billion automatic toothbrushes (without using magic), out of which Hazel later got in exchange of doing Scrooge a different, much more practical favor.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Dazzledent Automatic Toothbrushes were first mentioned in TV Trickery. They appear again in the pseudosequel Prologue to Paperallegria.

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