Dead-Eye Duck's Diary is a comic story written by Paul Halas and Dave Angus and drawn by Tino Santanach Hernandez. It features Scrooge McDuck, Donald Duck, Huey, Dewey and Louie Duck and (in flashbacks) Dead-Eye Duck.


While attending a wild west show, Scrooge McDuck accidentally scares the main performer. He soon discovers that he is the perfect lookalike of the greatest outlaw the region had ever seen, Orville McDuck, better known as Dead-Eye Duck, head of the Poke-in-the-Eye Gang and actually his great-uncle. Scrooge also finds out that Orville buried his loot, which has never been found to this day, and quickly locates his villainous ancestor's diary, where lie clues to the treasure's hiding place. Unfortunately, oily businessman Brent Lampry and the modern heirs of the Poke-in-the-Eye Gang also have their eyes set on the treasure…

Behind the scenesEdit

The story was first printed in September of 1988 in the German Mickey Maus #1988-39. It was printed in English in Uncle Scrooge Adventures #49. Oddly, in this printing, Orville's last name was changed to 'Smew', and the story's title was therefore altered to The Diary of Sideburns Smew, Sideburns Smew being Orville's alias in this version. Even stranger, even though his family name was changed, Orville remained Scrooge's great-uncle.

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