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Deadhead-167, who wears the serial number 176-167, is a male anthropomorphic dog


Deadhead-167 is an American Beagle Boy known for his inexplicable proclivity for being hit on the head — both intentionally and unintentionally. In 1969, he spent some time in Duckburg with the classic Beagle Boys, and was involved in their plot to use the Flying Shoes for crimes. He was the one chosen to wear the Flying Shoes after the Beagles' discovered the shoes' tendency to let their wearer drop down headfirst, under the reasoning that his many years of similar cranial trauma had rendered Deadhead largely immune to this sort of injury.

Behind the scenes

Deadhead-167 was only ever seen in the 1969 story The Flight of the Bumbleduck.

It is obvious enough that Deadhead is not the same 176-167 usually seen among the regular Duckburg Beagle Boys, as these never exhibit any personal traits or nicknames in other series, and, indeed, make a point of only being referred to by their serial numbers. Through what sequence of events Deadhead came to share a number with the other 176-167 is unknown.