Dedi was a human man from Egypt.


Dedi was a hypnotist and illusionist from Egyptian times who once impressed King Cheops by appearing to take control of the mind of a wild lion through sorcery, though in truth, it was only a mundane bit of hypnosis. Dedi remained famous, and, by 1957, Mickey Mouse told his story as part of a lecture he gave on magic throughout human history.

Behind the scenesEdit

Dedi appears in flashbacks in the 1957 story Mickey Mouse in Magic Land.

Dedi (more properly spelled "Djedi") is a genuine figure of a magician from Egyptian folklore, though it is unlikely that such a person ever existed. Taming wild lions is cited as merely one of his many feats in the original tale, which does not call into doubt that he was genuinely supernatural.

The comic story amusingly describes "animal hypnosis" as a mundane, non-magical trick, as was common in the 1950's, before it became widely accepted that most forms of hypnosis as depicted in media were as bogus as the magic it is supposedly standing in for in this story. Although within the confines of the Disney comics universe, it is long-accepted that hypnosis is a genuine phenomenon, and a separate school from sorcery, this should not be confused with historical truth.

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