Fanwork Deep Water is an unofficial comic story written and drawn by Sarah Jolley. It features Gladstone Gander and Magica De Spell, and mentions Scrooge McDuck.


Gladstone Gander is lazing about in a rowboat in the middle of a quiet lake, the weather is beautiful and he has a good book to read… Considering his luck, what could go wrong? Magica De Spell, that's what. For it so happens (what are the odds of that?) that Gladstone's boat happens to have come to a halt just above a sunken magical structure from which Magica seeks to extract an ancient treasure…

Behind the scenesEdit

This story is one of a series of unofficial homages to the characters written and drawn by Sarah Jolley (author of the acclaimed comic The Property of Hate). It was released in 2018 for free on the Internet.

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