Demogorgana is a magical other realm.


Demogorgana is a timeless demonic realm, akin to Pandemonium, with a well-known magical tradition which Magica De Spell claims to be well-versed in. There exists a Domogorgan Runic Alphabet, which Violet Sabrewing used in her ritual to contact the Shadow Realm in 2019.

At some point prior to 2018, Goldie O'Gilt traveled to Demogorgana to steal the Eye of Demogorga, an artifact which protects its wearers from burns. An uprising ensued by the Demons inhabiting Demogorgana, who were enraged at being stolen from; Scrooge McDuck soon traveled to Demogorgana to stop the Demons from pursuing the thief into the "real world". Before he succeeded, he was stuck in Demogorgana long enough that the timelessness of the otherworldly realm had a de-aging effect on him, prolonging his lifespan.

Behind the scenesEdit

Demogorgana is repeatedly mentioned in the 2018 DuckTales 2017 episode, The Golden Lagoon of White Agony Plains. It came up again in The Shadow War and Friendship Hates Magic.

It is likely named after the Demogorgon, a demon of Medieval occult lore.

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