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This page describes content which was not licensed by all relevant copyright-holders, nor created by an established official creator. Diamond in the Rough is an unofficial comic story scripted by Theo Dolev and drawn by Ophir Sheriff based on a synopsis created by the pair of them. and inked by Kay Wright. It features the Jafar, Iago (in human and parrot form), Cave of Wonders and Magic Carpet of a parallel continuity, alongside the new characters of the Mage and the Royal Guard.


Long before Aladdin is sent on his quest for the lamp by Grand Vizier Jafar, Jafar's rebellious apprentice and a Royal Guard traipse through the Agrabah Desert, seeking the Cave of Wonders — not for the treasures to be found there, but instead to bury one more dangerous wonder in its mystical depths. Can they manage to do so before Jafar and Iago… or their own fears… catch up with them?



Behind the scenes

This "what-if?" tribute to Aladdin was created in 2015 by Ophir Sheriff and Theo Dolev and released in one go on its own website, The website has since gone down, but the comic is still available on Sheriff's DeviantArt page.