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The Diary of Sinbad Duck, Sailor and Merchant is the personal diary of Sinbad Duck.


The Diary is a document concerning Sinbad Duck, an ancestor of Donald Duck, and records his fantastical voyages up until his marriage to Deysi, at which point the book, ended, although acknowledging that Sinbad and his bride lived through many other adventures together in later years. Despite occasionally referring to Sinbad in the third person, the book was apparently written by Sinbad himself. By 1985, it had ended up inside Scrooge McDuck's personal library in his Money Bin, where Donald Duck found it and read through it upon being hired by Scrooge to dust the library.

Behind the scenes

The Diary and Donald Duck's reading of it form the backbone of the 1985 comic story The Adventures of Sinbad Duck.