Dick "Stand and Deliver" Mouse, also known as Turpin Mouse, was a male anthropomorphic mouse.


Presumed brother of Nathaniel Mouse (who moved to America), the towering Dick Mouse stayed in England and became a swashbuckling highway bandit known as Dick "Stand and Deliver" Mouse, or by the nom-de-plume Turpin Mouse.  A portrait of him was sketched in 1742.

Behind the scenesEdit

Dick Mouse's picture appears in the 1945 comic Infamous Ancestors. Half a century later, he was repeatedly mentioned in Early To Bid, but under the alias of Turpin Mouse.


According to David Gerstein, Dick was so named in allusion to the famous real-life bandit Dick Turpin. In 1997 for Early To Bid, censorship forced Gerstein to rename the character, as "Dick" had acquired a rude slang meaning posterior to Gottfredson's use of the name. Gerstein thus called him "Turpin Mouse" to preserve the original reference. (Gerstein has explained, off the record, that he sees Turpin Mouse as an alias adopted by Dick Mouse.)

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