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Dickie Duck, called Paperetta Yè-Yè in the original Italian version, is a female anthropomorphic duck.


Dickie Duck is the teenage granddaughter of Goldie O'Gilt. Exactly what that entails is unknown: either Goldie was briefly married, or Dickie is really the child of Scrooge McDuck's illegitimate daughter. Whatever the case however, Dickie grew up in Dawson, Klondike, listening to her grandmother's tales about the fearless prospector that Scrooge used to be. When Dickie finished her studies in the West, she moved to Duckburg, where she quickly became friends with Huey, Dewey and Louie Duck, Gideon McDuck and other notorious Duckburgers. Dickie is smart and resourceful, but can be a little air-headed. Truly a 60's teenager, she loves rock and modern dance and fashion, much to the older-fashioned Duckburgers' surprise.

She eventually hangs with a gang of teenage friends: Parceiro, Olimpia, Netunia and the Aracuan Bird.

Behind the scenes

She first appeared in the 1966 story The Miner's Granddaughter.

In Brazil she went by "Iéié" until 1984, when she was renamed "Pata Lee", a homage to Brazilian singer Rita Lee.