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“Dirty” Dingus McDuck was an anthropomorphic duck, and the 2017 Continuum's counterpart to Titus McDuck.


The father of Fergus McDuck (and thereby grandfather of Scrooge), Dingus McDuck was a coal miner by profession, but lived in Castle McDuck at least towards the end of his life, at which point he discovered the location where his ancestor Sir Simon McDuck had hidden the Treasure of the Knights Templar. Accepting that the McDucks were only custodians of the treasure, rather than its owners, Dingus left it untouched.

He had much the same sort of difficult relationship with his son Fergus as Fergus would later have with Scrooge, and, in case Fergus ever snooped around for the treasure, left a series of false clues in the Castle that led to naught but a note deriding him for trying to take an easy ticket to wealth.

It's said on the book "Solving Mysteries and Rewritting History!" that he didn't like to pay taxes.

Behind the scenes

This version of Grandfather McDuck first appeared in the book Solving Mysteries and Rewritting History, on the Duck Family Tree. One month later he appeared in the series as a portrait (and is repeatedly mentioned) in The Secret(s) of Castle McDuck.