Dinner Date is a comic story written by an unknown writer and drawn by Bob Gregory. It features Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Mr Gearloose and Gearloose's Partner.


Upset that her boyfriend Donald can't afford to take her to dinner at a fancy restaurant, Daisy attempts to get Donald a job as a product-tester in Ladyfair Cosmetics, the company she has herself been working for. Donald finds himself a guinea pig for Mr Gearloose and another chemist, who test various unpleasant novelties on him. As if things couldn't get any weirder, an accidental mixing of formulas turns into a love potion that quickly makes Donald the center of attention of all the ladies in Duckburg's city park…

Behind the scenesEdit

Dinner Date AUS Reprint Page 1

Page 1 of The Australian reprint.

This story was first published in May of 1973 in Daisy and Donald #1. It was only ever reprinted in Daisy and Donald #32. It was also printed in English in the Australian Giant #571.

On top of being the first story of the first issue of the Daisy and Donald title, this tale is notable for featuring an anonymous chemist resembling Gyro Gearloose, who is assumed by most to actually be Gyro's younger brother, father of Newton Gearloose.

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