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Disney's Haunted Halloween is a live-action/animated hybrid short featuring the Halloween Pumpkin, Goofy, the Coffin Occupant, Huey, Dewey and Louie Duck, Victor Geist, the Lonesome Ghosts, Ichabod Crane, Ajax the Gorilla, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, the Bicycle Banshees, the Phantom Five, several Pop-Up Ghosts, Witch Hazel, Beelzebub, Clara Cluck, Clarabelle Cow, Horace Horsecollar, Minnie Mouse, the Beheaded Knight, the Executioner, Gus, the Duke and Duchess, the Brick Arm Guy, Katrina van Tassel, Lucifer, Lady Tremaine, Louie the Mountain Lion, Daisy Duck, Fifi the Peke, Pluto, Peg-Leg Pete, Ezra and Phineas, and the Headless Horseman.


The Halloween Pumpkin gives a spooky lecture about Halloween, its history, and the proper security measures to follow while trick-or-treating — interrupted by the naive comments of Goofy.

Behind the scenes

This short, meant to be shown in schools and such, was mostly created by splicing footage from preexisting Disney Halloween shorts and live-action imagery from The Haunted Mansion, linked by the puppet segments with the Halloween Pumpkin and with new dialogue and narration.