Disney's Wonderful World of Knowledge (originally published as Enciclopedia Disney and Viaggiare attraverso il mondo con Disney) is a series of books designed to teach children about various subjects through stories about Disney characters.

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Originally published in Italy as two separate series (Enciclopedia Disney and Viaggiare attraverso il mondo con Disney) in the 1960s (seemingly in a different order from the English publication), each book in the series features narration by a Disney comic character and tells about an adventure that they have recently been on, revealing facts about the subject of the book along the way. The series was written and illustrated by a variety of Italian Disney comic creators. The translator/dialoguer of the English version is unknown.

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The books in the series (in the order of the English editions) included:

In addition to these, there is also an index and several "year books".

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  1. Although this book was modified in the English edition to replace Fethry Duck with Donald Duck, the original version featuring Fethry Duck is the more "canonical" version and is thus the version that this Wiki will cover.
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