Disney Time 1975 is a live-action special hosting clips, some of them animated. It stars the Doctor, also mentioning the Brigadier, and mentions Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy, featuring the likeness of the first and an impression of the second. A variety of characters, including those three, appear in the quoted segments.

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Interdimensional traveler in time and space the Doctor tells Londoners about his friend Mickey Mouse (whom he hasn't seen in a while), arriving in the city just in time for a screening of the Mickey picture Clock Cleaners. Wandering about the town, the Doctor goes on to tell viewers about several other Disney stories, showing extracts from them — and, owing to his time-traveling nature, that includes one that hasn't come out yet!

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This special was part of the Disney Time series, broadcast yearly by the BBC. Little information is available about it online, and as such, no cast or crew beyond the obvious (Tom Baker as the Doctor) is known at present to the editors of this Wiki. The special features excerpts from Clock Cleaners, Blackbeard's Ghost, The Jungle Book, African Lion, The Apple Dumpling Gang, Bedknobs and Broomsticks, Return of the Big Cat, Escape to Witch Mountain and Lady and the Tramp.

The story was the first to feature (or, as the case may be, mention) a crossover between the Doctor Who universe and the Prime Universe, as the Doctor refers to Mickey as a person he's met. Don Rosa would later draw two cartoons, Ducktor Who and Tardis for Sale, where Scrooge McDuck interacts with the TARDIS. The story The Last Time Lord also established the existence of "Time Lords" in the Disney comics universe, although they are somewhat different from their canonical Doctor Who selves, and the story Crisis on Infinite Darkwings showed a person from a parallel universe who was a mashup of Darkwing Duck and the Doctor as portrayed by Tom Baker.

The ending of the special sees the Doctor receive a message from his friend the Brigadier. This tied into the next episode of the regular Doctor Who series, Terror of the Zygons, which begins with the Doctor and his companions hurrying to the Brigadier following their receiving the message.

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