Diving Bell
Vital Statistics
Type Wet Bell (Diving Bell)
Era Imperial Spanish Era
Civilization Spanish
Estimated Price  ???
Magical? No

The Diving Bell was a diving mechanism attached to the Candelaria,the flagship of Captain Melian's fleet.


Captain Melian had invented one of the first diving bells, and used this one specifically to search for sunken ship wrecks.

The diving bell was lost when the Candelaria was sunk dutch raiders in 1655.

Donald Duck and Huey,Dewey and Louie would much later find the diving bell of the Candelaria by accident. It inspired Donald, to have his uncle build a gigantic Glass Dome in order to examine the wreck of the Candelaria under dry conditions.


The Candelaria's diving bell, operated like any other wet bell, being essentially a chamber suspended by cable, and open at the bottom.

There were seats inside for a small number of divers, as well as glass windows that allowed looking outside, and inspecting the sunken ship wrecks.

A certain volume of air would occupy it's space, and when lowered underwater, the water pressure would keep the air trapped inside the bell. Of course, the breathable air within the bell would be limited and it would eventually need to be raised again.

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