The hotel where Donald Duck had scheduled to stay for a few days while his nephews were at the local Junior Woodchuck Jamboree. Instead, upon arrival, he bumped on José, who was being chased by Gold Hat, upon the discovery that he was having an affair with his girlfriend, Rosa.

José performed there a few times in the mid-50s, during his tour in Mexico. Once, Panchito and Donald assisted him in one of his performances.

Known CustomersEdit

Three Caballeros ConcertEdit

Upon returning to the hotel in the end of 'The Three Caballeros Ride Again', José is tasked with performing a special show, should he want to keep his job. However, considering that he had already shown his 'best act', Donald and Panchito Pistoles spontaneously decide to back him up, and subsequently perform their theme song, 'The Three Caballeros'.

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