Dizzy Drop Falls is a waterfall located near Duckburg.


Dizzy Drop Falls is a waterfall on the edge of the city of Duckburg, in Calisota. In 1955, Scrooge McDuck, in a bout of daredevilry prompted by his purchase of a very lucrative insurance policy that would grant him one billion dollars if he injured himself in any way, tried to become the first man to go over Dizzy Drop Falls in a tub. He was prevented by his nephew Donald, who ended up accidentally going down in the tub himself while Scrooge was taken safely back to the riverbank. Donald, who survived the ordeal (though somewhat battered-up), was subsequently offered a 20-week contract at the Vaudeville for a daredevil act.

Behind the scenesEdit

Dizzy Drop Falls appears in the 1955 Carl Barks story Policy Pandemonium.

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