Doc is a male dwarf.


Doc is one of the Seven Dwarfs living together in their cottage in an enchanted kingdom in the Black Forest, and spends his days mining for jewels with the others. Doc is the eldest and does his best to act as the "responsible" Dwarf, a leader for the other six. Much of his intelligence is just show, however, and in his attempts to sound cultured Doc is prone to spoonerisms; moreover, he tends to use his status as leader to skirt on actual work. Along with his siblings, Doc took Snow White in after she fled from her stepmother's murderous intentions, and ended up befriending the Princess, who would often visit them later on.

Behind the scenesEdit

Doc first appeared in 1937 in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

There has been some debate on whether "Doc" refers to a medical doctor, or just the holder of a doctorate. As pointed out by Geoffrey Moses on Duck Comics Revue, however, his French name's being "Prof" leans towards the latter, though even then it is unknown if this is just pretense or if Doc actually studied for a doctorate at some point.

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