Doc Swaller and the Green-Spot Cure is an illustrated text story. It features Grandma Duck, Bo Dilly, Doc Swaller, Mrs Pinkerton, and the other students of Duckfoot Crossing.

Description Edit

One lovely spring day at Duckfoot Crossing elementary school, Bo Dilly comes up with a plan to get himself and the other children (including a young Elvira Coot) sent home early: they will paint green spots on themselves, and pretend to be sick. However, when Doc Swaller, called in by the worried teacher Mrs Pinkerton, sees through their trick and pretends to prescribe them a strange concoction of medicine, the children decide that it might be better to stay at school after all.

References Edit

  • In her youth, Grandma Duck attended a school known as Duckfoot Crossing, along with the mischievous Bo Dilly (known for his great ideas) and several other students, among them an anthropomorphic fox, bear, rabbit, and parrot. Her teacher there was named Mrs Pinkerton.
  • There was once a doctor in Duckburg known as Doc Swaller.
  • Duckfoot Crossing was located beside a small wooded area, where the attending students would often go to gather leaves, rocks, and flowers.

Behind the scenes Edit

Doc Swaller and the Green-Spot Cure was published in the book Kerchoo! Get Well Fun, along with the titular story, which served partially as a framing device for this story.

The story offers a rare glimpse at the childhood of Grandma Duck, and reveals the appearance of her younger self.

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