The Doctor, also known as Theta Sigma, Doctor Who, John Smith, The Oncoming Storm, the Predator of the Daleks, the Hybrid, or a number of other aliases, is a usually male, but sometimes female humanoid alien (a Time Lord, with possible human ancestry depending on sources) from a parallel universe.


The Doctor is a traveler through time, space and dimensions and the proud owner of the TARDIS, a dimensionally-transcendental vehicle shaped like a British 1960's police box on the outside, and an immense spaceship on the inside. An eccentric hero, the Doctor usually travels through time and space in his/her home universe, righting wrongs and seeing the sights, often with one or more younger companions from Earth. When (s)he dies, the Doctor is capable of healing himself in a process that changes his appearance and personality completely.

At some point in his past, the Doctor traveled to the Prime Universe's 1928, where he met and befriended Mickey Mouse at the very start of Mickey's film career. On the Earth of the Doctor's home universe, Mickey does not exist, but is instead a fictional character; a number of Disney movies exist there as mere fictions not based on real events — including Clock Cleaners. While in his fourth incarnation, the Doctor once traveled to London while meaning to see Mickey, not realizing that he was in the wrong universe to do so. A conversation with a passerby allowed him to realize his mistake, but he happened to have arrived just in time for a screening of Clock Cleaners.

Having caught wind of the Doctor's existence, Flintheart Glomgold's scientists, in their efforts to develop time travel for the South African businessman's crooked ends, once built a replica of the TARDIS, complete with the pilot dressing up as the Fourth Doctor. However, the experiment was unsuccessful.

While he was in his eleventh persona, a young man who often wore a fez and a tweed jacket, the Doctor somehow lost his TARDIS (and clothing) to Scrooge McDuck, who used the police box to travel to his own past before trying to sell it at a "used TARDIS lot". However, by all appearances, the Doctor recovered his beloved box not long after.

The Doctor may be an alternate universe version of Merlin, according to some sources.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Doctor is the main character in the long-running British series Doctor Who and associated media. The Doctor has made several incursions in Disney lore, starting with the 1975 special Disney Time 1975.

The Doctor's 10th self was played by David Tennant, who would go on to play Scrooge McDuck in DuckTales 2017. Interestingly, the crew of Wander Over Yonder had a plan for the episode The Sick Day that involved introducing Tennant as "the greatest doctor in the galaxy", who would have been a transparent homage to the original Doctor, and is taken to be the 2017 Continuum's version of the Doctor.

Portrayed ByEdit

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