The Doctor is a male humanoid alien (possibly Gallifreyan) from the Yonder Galaxy, being the 2017 Continuum counterpart to the Doctor.


The Doctor, an adventuring time-hopper, is the “greatest medical expert in the Galaxy”. Had Ms. Myrtle not deigned to use her arcane might to cure Wander of his illness in 2016, Sylvia would have been forced to track him down, as he would have been the only being capable of treating him without resorting to supernatural powers.

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The Doctor would have been central to one of the possible pitched plots for the Wander Over Yonder episode The Sick Day, according to Frank Angones.[1]

Naturally, the Doctor would have been a play on the character of the same name from the Doctor Who franchise (specifically his Tenth Doctor incarnation, considering the planned casting of David Tennant). It is unknown precisely what traits this Doctor shared with the original; they cannot merely be identical counterparts adjusting for the different universes and timelines, as the original Doctor (despite his name) is never noted to be particularly good at medicine.

It is possible that this Doctor is the owner of the TARDIS which the Prime Universe's Scrooge McDuck briefly caught a hold of at some point in the 1950's as shown in Ducktor Who, though it is more probable that it belonged to the original Whoniverse's Doctor (who is known to have dimension-traveled to the Prime Universe in his fourth incarnation).

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