Doctor Grut


Doctor Grut is a male dognose.


Doctor Grut is a scientist and scholar of the occult. Dressed in all black, with a bushy black beard and a manic glare, Grut dwellt in a large and creepy manor in Mouseton, where he was served by his Aberzombies — people whom he turned into mindless, immortal servants through unknown techniques. He seemed to be extremely old, having used some of his dark knowledge to unnaturally prolong his life, as his "senior Aberzombie", Thaddeus, was over two hundred years old. Grut's plans were as varied as they were ominous — he claimed to want the good of mankind by turning people into trees and dogs into cabbage so as to solve overpopulation, but also possessed a secret formula for a poison gas and stocked absurd quantities of explosives in his manor. Fortunately, in 1943, Grut went after Mickey Mouse's Electro-Box, and the resulting confrontation ended with Grut in jail and his Aberzombies taken from him.

Behind the scenes

Dr Grut only appeared in the 1943 story The 'Lectro Box and illustrations related to it.

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