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Doctor J.L. Baterista was a human man.


A member of the Society of Explorers and Adventurers, Doctorr Baterista was a colleague of Lord Henry Mystic. A jovial-looking fellow, it would seem that Baterista spent much time exploring the jungle. Baterista also explored the Congo River in 1906, and later displayed an oar from that expedition at the Tropical Hideaway, as is the S.E.A. tradition.

Baterista may have been a sea captain at some point of his life. At any rate, he once gifted a captain's hat to Mary Oceaneer, who later displayed it aboard her ship, the RV Oceaneer Lab.

Behind the scenes

Doctor J. L. Baterista first appeared in the queue of Mystic Manor in 2013. Other references to him have since been spotted in various S.E.A.-related attractions.