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Doctor Quackmire Quantum is an anthropomorphic duck from the 2017 Continuum.


A self-proclaimed evil scientist, Doctor Quackmire Quantum often has trouble getting government grants for his work, having to resort to treasure hunting in his spare time to pay the bills. This often brings him into conflict with fellow treasure hunter Scrooge McDuck.

On one notable occasion, the two fought over the Golden Calf of Latte, which he meant to use to create a Caffeine Bomb — with McDuck soon emerging as the victor. Angered at this, Quantum attempted to vaporize McDuck with a laser gun, but missed, hitting the rope bridge on which he was standing and sending McDuck plummeting into the river below, a fall which he only survived thanks to the ship parked directly below him.

Behind the scenes

Docor Quackmire Quantum made his first and only appearance in Go, Go Golden Years! in 2018.