Doctor Stan Livingstone is a male dognose.


A renowned British explorer (the greatest in the world according to Mickey Mouse), Doctor Stan Livingstone once set out to be the first man to find the Bottomless Lake and return to tell the tale. He did, after much difficulty, and discovered the existence of the Impossible Berries. After mailing the rest of his supply of Berries to his friend Mickey, Livingstone swallowed one of the Berries and used it to walk into the Lake and to its bottom, hoping to find more Berries there.

Though the Berries allowed him to reach the bottom of the Bottomless Lake, they could not make the journey anything but rather lengthy, and in the meantime, with no news from him reaching the modern world past the package he'd sent Mickey, Livingstone was declared missing. This prompted Mickey and his friend Goofy to come to his rescue, using up all the Impossible Berries in the process, much to Livingstone's disappointment when the misunderstanding came to light. Livingstone rationalized, however, that he "could hardly get angry at two friends for trying to save him".

Behind the scenesEdit

Doctor Stan Livingstone is a major character in the 1986 audioplay The Impossible Journey. Who voiced him in said story is, at present, unknown.

His name is, of course, a mashup of those of two famous explorers of Africa, Stanley and Livingstone; when recognizing "the Monster of the Bottomless Lake" as Stan Livingstone, Mickey Mouse quotes Stanley's famous introductory line to Livingstone, "Doctor Livingstone, I presume?".

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