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Doctor Thaddeus Waddlemeyer is or was an anthropomorphic duck and Professor Waddlemeyer's counterpart in the 2017 Continuum.


A friend and business partner of Taurus Bulba, Waddlemeyer created the Ram Rod under his instructions. However, after more closely examining the functions of the device, Thaddeus discovered a dangerous instability in the device that could threaten the entire universe were the machine used too many times. He ran to warn Bulba of this discovery, unaware that Bulba was fully aware of-and entirely unconcerned with-this potential development. Bulba then used the Ram Rod to trap Thaddeus in an unknown parallel universe.

Thaddeus' beloved granddaughter, Gosalyn, sought to solve the mystery of his disappearance, and to expose Bulba after he claimed sole credit for the creation of the Ram Rod. She enlisted Drake Mallard, alias Darkwing Duck, in her efforts, though Bulba briefly tried to convince him that Thaddeus had perished in an accident involving the Ram Rod after going mad. Bulba's lies were soon exposed, and Gosalyn became determined to locate her grandfather, but was forced to destroy the Ram Rod before it could destroy the universe. However, Drake, who took Gosalyn on as a member of his new crime-fighting team, assured her that they would make every effort to locate and successfully rescue Thaddeus.

Behind the scenes

The 2017 version of Doctor Waddlemeyer first apepared in the DuckTales 2017 episode Let's Get Dangerous!, which aired November 19, 2020. Unlike his predecessor from Darkwing Duck, he was revealed to have the first name of Thaddeus, possibly a nod to Tad Stones, who created the original series.