Doctor Yess is a male anthropomorphic dog.


Doctor Yess is a selfish mad scientist who found a way to extract luck from individuals and distill it into a drinkable elixir. Already a wanted criminal for "many years" leading up to 2016, he had, by then, come to control an entire island near Tahiti, Pogo-Pogo — which he operated as a sham tourist resort as a lure for Gladstone Gander, whom he meant to capture and drain of his unique luck to take over the world.

However, Yess had failed to anticipate that Gladstone would take Daisy with him on the false "free holiday", leading Donald Duck to come with as well out of jealousy. The two Ducks' presence threw a spanner in the works as they rescued Gladstone, helped him cope with being temporarily luckless, and took the vial of elixir back from Yess (exploiting Yess's mistreatment of his two main henchpeople to do so). They then alerted Captain Bird's Coast Guards to Yess's presence on the island, and he and his henchpeople were arrested.

Although a vengeful Yess insisted that no prison could hold him for long as he was taken away, he has yet to resurface.

Behind the scenesEdit

Doctor Yess first appeared in the 2016 story All You Need Is Luck.

His name, combined with the fact that he operates in a base beneath a seemingly-heavenly tropical island, makes it obvious that he is an allusion to the notorious James Bond villain Doctor No, versions of whom are the main antagonist of the novel of the same name and its notorious 1962 feature film adaptation. Doctor Yess's plan, however, bears little resemblance to any incarnation of Doctor No's schemes.

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