Doeg is a male zoaite.

Description Edit

An influential daredevil from the planet Zoa, Doeg was the creator and leader of a movement that swept through Zoaite society, the Leapin' Lizard Hunters, who made the hunting and eradication of Leaping Lizards aboard Gravicycles their main hobby to get away from the dredge of their urbanized life. As one might expect, Doeg and his inner circle were an immoral, sadistic bunch, with them not blinking an eyelid at their leader's suggestion to disintegrate two Earthlings upon whom stumbled while on a hunt.

However, Doeg and the Lizard Hunters' careless actions almost led to the downfall of Zoaite society, as the Leaping Lizards were key to the delicate ecosystem balance which protected Zoaite crops from rampaging Airiodactyls. Mickey Mouse, Goofy and Arbol the Naturalist eventually exposed these dire consequences, destroying most Gravicycles on Zoah and banning the hunting of Leaping Lizards.

Behind the scenesEdit

Doeg is the main antagonist of the 1980 story Mission to Planet Zoa.

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