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Don Karnage is an anthropomorphic red wolf and seemingly[1] the 2017 Continuum's counterpart of the main universe's Don Karnage.


Don Karnage is a sky pirate and the egotistical captain of the Iron Vulture. He and his crew have worked out a peculiar scheme for plundering: as they board the plane or airship they have set their greedy hearts on, they sing an elaborate musical number — all while robbing the plane of its cargo. The rightful owners are inevitably too flabbergasted by the absurd spectacle that they only react too late.

In 2018, Karnage attempted to rob Scrooge McDuck's plane. Things went smoothly at first, but the pirates ended up taking Dewey Duck with them as a stowaway. Dewey, feeling starved for appreciation of late, manipulated the crew members' resentment against Karnage for hounding the spotlight during the musical numbers, leading them to rebel against him, throwing him overboard and becoming the new Captain.

Through a combination of his own wits and charisma, Scrooge's adventuring skills, and Captain Dewey's growing moral qualms about piracy, Karnage was able to regain his position as the Captain of the Iron Vulture, but crashes his ship soon after, leading him to declare Dewey his sworn enemy forevermore.

Behind the scenesEdit

This version of Don Karnage was first seen in the 2018 episode of DuckTales 2017, Sky Pirates… in the Sky!.

According to Francisco Angones, the decision to recast Karnage from Jim Cummings to Jaime Camil (even though Cummings was already part of the cast) was due to a willingness to get an actor fitting the character's background — which would seem to confirm this version of Karnage as of genuinely Hispanic descent, as opposed to the bizarre hodge-podge of the original.

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Notes and ReferencesEdit

  1. Frank Angones and the Suspenders of Disbelief has hinted that the direct DT17 counterpart to the original Don Karnage may actually have been active in the 1930's, and that this Don Karnage is his descendant.
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