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Don Dugo de Pato was a male anthropomorphic duck.


Don Dugo de Pato, a Spanish ancestor of Donald Duck (through the Coot side of the family), was a member of the Spanish Armada in the 1500s, and was in command of a Spanish treasure galleon sailing from the "New World" full of gold. Don, wanting to impress the king, had the ship plated in gold, however, this excess weight caused it to sink. Don escaped on a barrel, and noted the ship's position in his log.

Afterward, Don was cast off from the Armada, and moved to Scotland, where he married an ancestor of Scrooge McDuck. Soon afterward, Don met Caballero Carioca and Caballero Gonzalez. Together, the three called themselves the Three Caballeros, and, along with the goddess Xandra, who they had discovered trapped in a magical atlas, traveled the world, defeating the evil of Lord Felldrake. Eventually, they met Felldrake in battle and managed to trap him in his staff using their magical amulets. What became of them afterward is unknown. But what is known is that after their battle with Felldrake, the Caballeros and Xandra traveled the world to undo all of Felldrake’s mess and to find a way to free Xandra from her book. One of their quest involved creating a secret society to guard a gem called the Spark of Life. However in one of their dangerous adventures, Xandra’s atlas closed and both her and the book were lost to the Caballeros. Due to going on other missions to undo Felldrake's mess, The Caballeros didn't find Xandra's atlas until a great age. Due to being too old they placed it in a temple where it remained until Clinton Coot found it. Their descendants, Donald Duck, José Carioca, and Panchito Pistoles, would later take up the mantle of the Three Caballeros

Behind the scenes

The character first appeared as Don de Pato in The Golden Galleon in 1965. He later appeared in two German Duck family trees. Don made his re-appearance in Legend of the Three Caballeros in 2018, this time referred to using his German name, Don Dugo.

Legend establishes that Don de Pato was also an ancestor of Clinton Coot, with Chris Moreno's Duck Family Tree confirming that this is through the Coot rather than Gadwall family.