Donald's Boat is a houseboat and the the 2017 Continuum's counterpart to the Miss Daisy.


The latest regular home of Donald Duck and his nephews, this small white houseboat used to be anchored in the Duckburg Marina. Its explosion due to the triplets' recklessness led to the Ducks moving into McDuck Manor, with Donald keeping the wreck in the Manor's pool and progressively fixing it. He finally managed it in 2018, only for it to be sunk again during the battle against Magica De Spell's Shadow Army.

Behind the scenesEdit

Donald's Boat is a regular setting in DuckTales 2017. Though obviously based on the Miss Daisy, it probably has another name (as Donald does not appear to be dating Daisy when DuckTales 2017 opens), and is only referred to as "the boat" or "the houseboat" in the series so far.

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