Donald's Buzzin' Cousin is a comic story drawn by Tony Strobl. It features Donald Duck, Fethry Duck, and what may be Cindy Lou.


Going to the Duckburg Airport to meet his long-estranged cousin Fethry is only the beginning of one of the craziest days in Donald Duck's life, as it turns out timid Cousin Fethry has grown up into an exuberant, eccentric loon who takes him on a fast-paced trip across the world…

Behind the scenesEdit

The story was first printed in January of 1966 in Donald Duck #105. It was reprinted in Donald Duck #215 and in the Australian Donald Duck #115 and South African Donald Duck #9.

Though Fethry Duck had first been seen in 1964 in The Health Nut, he had never been featured in American Disney comics, hence the perceived need to create this story as a formal introduction to the character in this story, which purports itself to be the actual first meeting of Donald and Fethry in adulthood (indicating it must actually take place in 1964 or earlier rather than 1966).

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