Donald's Cousin Gus is a cartoon story. It features Donald Duck and Gus Goose. A letter written and signed by Fanny Coot also appears, although Fanny herself is not seen.

Description Edit

Donald gets a visit from his cousin Gus Goose, who, his Aunt Fanny has assured him, doesn't eat much. But Donald soon finds that this claim is an utter lie as Gus proceeds to eat all of the food in Donald's house - including Donald's dinner! Donald decides that he must resort to trickery to get rid of his cousin, but Gus has a few tricks of his own...

Behind the scenes Edit

Donald's Cousin Gus was May 19, 1939. It was the first animated appearance of Donald's titular cousin Gus Goose, although not his first appearance in any media, as he was already a regular in the Donald Duck newspaper comic by the time the cartoon was released.

Interestingly, the cartoon was the first-ever pre-recorded program to be aired on television in the United States.

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