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The Donald-Robots were an army of automata created by Donald Duck.


Created by Donald Duck at the insistent request of Saturnian dictator Rebo (who mistakenly thought Donald was a great engineering genius), the Donald-Robots were made in Donald's own image based on the design of a mechanical toy soldier once owned by his nephews (as Donald had memorized its internal design after cracking it open in a fit of anger). 

Though functional enough to fool Rebo at first, the so-called robots were devoid of any intelligence, and crashed every single ship in Rebo's attack armada, thus ending the Saturnian invasion of Jupiter before it had even begun. In the confusion, Donald escaped the planet aboard a small unwatched shuttle. The fiasco remained a sore spot for Rebo ever after, and he soon sought to erase it by creating an army of weaponized toys, a strange and fearsome idea which he saw as making something worthwhile out of Donald's trickery.

Behind the scenes

The Donald-Robots appear in the climax of the 1960 story Uncle Scrooge's Money Rocket.

Naturally, they also appear in its novelizations; the 1973 Scrooge in Space even mentions an explanation for why Donald remembered the mechanism of the original windup doll enough to reproduce it, stating that Donald cracked the doll open during a fit of anger caused by outrage that his nephews had bought a doll caricature of himself. However, the (anonymous) illustrations of the novel strangely overlooked that the robots were meant to resemble Donald, giving them a completely different appearance, and this in spite of the text clearly mentioning the likeness.