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Donald Bane (Donald Ban in the original French) was a male anthropomorphic duck.


The son of the King of Scotland, Duncan I, this Donald (a namesake and possible ancestor of the modern-day Donald Duck) stayed quiet for most of his life only to take over Scotland in his old age, hence the nickname of "Donald Bane", which meant "Donald the White" in Gaelic and referred to his distinctive white hair.

Donald Bane took the crown by having his nephew Duncan II assassinated; his ill-acquired reign did not last long, as Duncan's brother Edgar, with the help of the English, soon deposed him and took the crown for himself. Not showing himself a particularly merciful monarch, Edgar had his treacherous uncle blinded and imprisoned for life.

Behind the scenes

Donald Bane appears in the 1975 story The Famous Donalds.

He is based on the historical King Donald III of Scotland, nicknamed "Donald Bane" or "Donald Bain" and who appears in William Shakespeare's Macbeth under the name of Donalbain.