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Donald Duck's Debut (real title unknown) was an audio story of unknown authorship. An episode of the Hall of Fame radio series, it is currently unavailable to the public.

It featured Mickey Mouse, likely other characters, and, most importantly, the true debut of Donald Duck, broadcast in March of 1934, a few months before the release of The Wise Little Hen. According to David Gerstein, it was correctly referred to as Donald's debut for the first two years of the character's existence but quickly faded from public memory, although it is still mentioned in the 1975 article Allo Donald!.[1]


Mickey Mouse and his friends have been asked to do a radio broadcast, and Mickey agrees to do so. It doesn't take long for Donald Duck to decide to get the spotlight on him, constantly butting in on the broadcast so he can recite Mary Had a Little Lamb, causing much trouble for poor Mickey.[1]

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