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Donald Duck's Fore-Feathers is a version of the Duck family tree by an unknown author.


This version of the Duck family tree is really more of a timeline, skipping some generations. Unlike most Duck family trees, this tree leaves out most pre-established Duck relatives, including only Donald, Hortense, Quackmore, Elvira, and Humperdink, while most of the family members are newly created for the tree. The tree includes the following characters:

  • Donaldus Anas
  • Octavia the Younger
  • Petronus Paperino
  • Theodora Eirenikes
  • Lucretia Mcduckhi
  • Marco Paperino
  • Donaldi Paperino
  • Margarita di Franco
  • “Peking” Paolo Paperino
  • Isabella Jacholo
  • Luigi Paperino
  • Cosma Featherina
  • Leonardo De Paperino
  • Mona Ducka
  • Galileo Paperino
  • Bianca Capodevin
  • Pasquato Paperino
  • Giovanna Bacigalupe
  • Garibaldi Paperino
  • Carina Barone
  • Rosabella Paperino
  • Clarence Coot
  • Grandma Duck (Elvira Coot)
  • Humperdink Duck
  • Hortense McDuck
  • Quackmore Duck
  • Donald Duck

Behind the scenes

This version of the Duck Family Tree was created by an unknown artist and can be seen in Shanghai Disneyland in the restaurant Il Paperino.

Interestingly, rather than Clinton Coot and Gertrude Gadwall, Donald's great-grandparents are shown to be Clarence Coot and Rosabella Paperino. This could be explained by assuming that they are, in fact, Donald's great-great uncle and great-great aunt (making Clarence the brother of Clinton) or by assuming that they are his great uncle and great aunt (making Clarence the brother of Elvira). Of some possible relevance is the fact that in one 1990 Italian comic story, Elvira Duck's great-uncle is stated to have been the first man in Duckburg to buy a velocipede — Clarence Coot being here identified as a bicycle mechanic.